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Monitor Price in Bangladesh 2021| Ultra Technology

What is a monitor used for?

Computer Monitor is an output device. it’s an important part of a computer where the user sees everything happening on his computer. On the one hand, the monitor allows you to interact properly together with your computer, and on the opposite hand, it entertains you by displaying visual content. Everything would appear dull if your monitor doesn’t work properly. But choosing the proper monitor isn’t a simple task to try to do. There are different types of computer monitors available within the market of Bangladesh and their prices also are different. Ultra Technology has the largest collection of computer monitors. So, if you’re trying to find the simplest monitor price in Bangladesh you’ll have a glance at the Ultra Technology website.

Kind of Computer Monitor

Considering the technology we discover 5 kinds of monitors within the market CRT(Cathode Ray tube), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED (Liquid Emitting Diode), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), and Plasma Monitor. Nowadays, the foremost common is the LCD and LED monitors. CRT monitors have now become obsolete because the technology is no anymore used. OLED is that the developed version of LED technology and is now employed in high-end products. Considering using the monitor there may be a type of laptop display. Some monitors are made for standard usage, some are gaming monitors, and some monitors are specifically made for professional customers like photographers, video editors, and graphic designers.

Monitor for Gamers

If you’re a gamer you would like a monitor that’s different from a standard one. Besides high resolution, you’d need a better Refresh Rate and low reaction time. an honest gaming monitor usually features a 144Hz refresh rate, and high-end monitors can have even higher refresh rates like 240Hz. it’s common to possess a 1ms gray to gray reaction time for a gaming monitor. AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G Sync technology make a monitor more lucrative for a gamer. These features bring more clarity within the picture and smoothness in video graphics. Some gamers wish to play games on curved monitors. There are some gaming series monitors from renowned brands Asus, BenQ, Samsung, LG, Gigabyte, MSI, Xiaomi, etc.

Monitor For Graphics Designer

Specialists like Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Photographers need some special features in their monitors. Of course, the resolution does matter for them. a minimum of Full HD resolution may be a must for an expert. Besides, color accuracy is extremely much important for a photographer or a videographer. 100% or near 100% Adobe RGB color space is suitable for them. Another important thing is bit depth. 10-bit colors are going to be a fine option for an expert user. Some professionals prefer 4K Ultra HD monitors because it gives them the scope to affect high-resolution files more accurately. Flat monitors are more likely to be suitable for an expert than a curved monitor because it gives a real-life view.

Popular Monitor Brands in Bangladesh

Searching through the pc monitor section you’ll find most favorite LED, LCD, Full HD, and IPSfree sync monitors and also the exclusively designed curved, gaming, touch & 3d, ultra-wide, 4k gaming monitors in several sizes like 18.5″, 21.5″, 23.5″, 27″ 32″ & 43″ etc. There are many famous brands in the Bangladeshi market. Among them, HP, Dell, Asus, BenQ, Samsung, LG, Philips are very popular brands. Moreover, brands like Gigabyte, MSI, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Viewsonic, AOC have excellent models in the market. Ultra Technology sells products of all these brands and provides after-sales and warranty services in the right way.