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Casing price in Bangladesh 2021 | Ultra Technology

What’s Computer Casing and Gaming Case?

The casing is a special type of box or cover that contains components such as computer motherboard, processor, ROM, RAM, hard disk CD/DVD drives, etc. Computer casing is also known as computer chassis, tower, etc. Steel, aluminum, glass, and plastic are used to manufacture castings. Casing price in Bangladesh varies with the size, materials, and brand of the casing.

What is a gaming case?

Gaming case Many people buy the case to show. Gaming casings are bought by gamers for most of their beauty. Besides, gaming casings are also attractive for lighting facilities and RGB support. So, in this case, the choice is yours. Now coming to the budgets, gaming casings range from BDT 1000 to BDT 25000.

All Type Casing Best Price in Bangladesh

In the process of building a desktop PC computer case, price is very crucial to decide. Ultra Technology has all the variations such as ATX, mini-tower, mini ITX, full tower, ATX mid-tower, micro ATX slim case, and even some exclusive cube & tempered glass casings at your range. All these types of computer cases are available at the best price from the world’s leading AIGO, Antec, Aptech, Asus, Cooler Master, Corsair, Deepcool, Delux, Fantech, Gamdias, GameMax, Gigabyte, Golden Field, KWG, Lian li, Max Green, Metallic, Montech, MSI, Nzxt, Phanteks, Thermaltake, Thunderbolt, Value-top, View One, Xigmatek, Xtreme brand. offers the classic cases that fit into your budget.

Casing Types:

  • Full Tower – ATX Motherboard
  • Mid Tower – ATX or Micro ATX Motherboards
  • Mini Tower – Micro ATX or Mini ATX motherboards
  • Desktop – Micro ATX or Mini ATX motherboards
  • Small Form Factor (SFF) – Micro ATX or Mini ATX motherboards
  • Ultra-Small Form Factor (USFF) – Bespoke Motherboards
  • Micro – Bespoke Motherboards

How to choose the Computer casing and Gaming Case?

Build Quality: Less expensive cases are usually made of plastic and low-quality metal. So in cases, they come into contact with moisture or water, they can easily catch rust. Rust on a computer case can cause the case to slowly decay and damage the internal components. So it should be seen what kind of metal has been used in the computer case.

Extended Storage Device Support: If you have more than one SSD or hard drive, check to see if you can fit them all into your computer case. Currently, most computer cases will support a maximum of two 3.5 inch mechanical hard drives and two or more SSDs.

The CPU cooler, radiator, and fan support: It is not enough to have a case but you need good quality case fan support for ventilation inside. In good quality cases, 5 to 6 case fans of different sizes are provided. In most cases, 120 mm and 140 mm fans may be supported.

Modification: There is currently a huge demand for modular cases. Modular means whether it is possible to detach or attach a certain part of the case. Unnecessary parts of the case can be kept detached if there is modularity. It is also possible to change the design of the case if there is modularity.

Dust filter: The case fans not only pull the air but also the dust. So having a dust filter is very important. Otherwise, there is a possibility of dust and sand getting into the parts. Good quality dust filters are used in casings of good brands.

Batter Cable management: Good cable management can display the computer case beautifully and you don’t have to worry about a cable. Cases of almost all the well-known brands have good cable management.