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CPU Cooler at Best Price in Bangladesh

The CPU cooler is a heat sink that is specifically designed to remove waste heat generated by a central processing unit (CPU). Integrated circuits such as the CPU and graphics processing unit (GPU) are the primary generators of waste heat in a modern computer and represent known “hot spots” within a computer chassis.

How Does a CPU Cooler Work?

Inside a desktop casing, usually integrated circuits such as CPU & GPU are the main generators of heat. There are many ways to reduce this heat of CPU, but an effective way is to use a quality CPU heatsink fan, CPU cooler, or a PC liquid cooler. This cooling or liquid cooling system is essential to remove the waste heat produced by different components such as processors to keep them within a permissible limit of operating temperature for overclocking. The use of warmth sinks cooled by flowing reduces the temperature rise created by a given quantity of heat. Attention to patterns of flowing will stop the event of hotspots. PC fans area unit wide used alongside heatsink fans to cut back temperature by actively exhausting hot air. There also are a lot of exotic cooling techniques, like liquid cooling. All modern-day processors area units are designed to chop out or scale back their voltage or clock speed if the interior temperature of the processor exceeds a nominal limit. This can be typically called Thermal strangulation, within the case of reduction of clock speeds, or Thermal closure within the case of a whole closure of the device or system.

The function of the processor cooling fan

The function of the processor cooling fan is to pull and blow the hot air from the processor and bring in cooler air into the processor system to keep it cooler. The processor cooler fan sits on top of the processor, circulates air in the computer case.

Can you run a PC without a CPU cooler?

No, you can not run a PC without a CPU cooler. Processors create a lot of heat that just after 3-5 seconds your PC will go into a thermal shutdown. Your CPU will get damaged.

Does a cooling fan improve performance?

When your processor gets hot, it slows down to prevent it from melting. In this case, a cooling fan will improve performance.

Keeping a CPU Cool

CPUs require a lot of power for their functionality, and this power converts to heat after use. Sometimes CPUs generate excessive heat, and the heat can be hazardous to the CPUs themselves. CPU fans and heatsinks help counter this effect, but a liquid CPU cooler can keep CPU temperatures down because water is more efficient at transferring heat than air. Liquid cooling also makes a computer quieter, as the fans don’t have to run at high RPMs.

Choosing the best CPU cooler

You can get an Air Cooler or a Liquid Cooler depending on your need.

  • Air CPU cooler: Air coolers are ideal for general uses. To see the Air CPU Cooler price in BD. They keep temperatures in the PC case low.
  • Water/Liquid cooler: Liquid-based coolers are an upgrade from air coolers. If you are a heavy PC user or your PC tends to overheat a lot then this type of cooler is best for you. To see the Liquid CPU Cooler price in BD.
  • RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. As the name suggests RGB coolers have LED color strips of these three colors so that when the cooler is turned on you can see lights coming out. RGB coolers make your PC attractive looking. Non-RGB coolers don’t have this lighting feature.
  • CPU coolers can have different fans. The Assembly process of the cooler also varies, depending on whether you have an AMD or Intel CPU system.

Ultratech provides a wide variety of CPU coolers in Bangladesh. We have a wide range of CPU Coolers from various Brands like Aigo, Antec, Cooler Master, Corsair, Deepcool, etc. We ensure the best products for your laptop and desktop at the best price in BD.

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