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Graphics Card Price in Bangladesh 2021

What to know about graphics cards

A graphics card looks like a smaller version of the computer motherboard — it’s a printed circuit board that has a processor, RAM, and other components. A graphics card is sometimes commonly referred to as a graphics processing unit or GPU, but in reality, the GPU is just a component of the graphics card.

Types of graphics cards

Two popular brands make chipsets for graphics cards. Nvidia and AMD. No matter what kind of graphics card you purchase or find inside your PC, it’s almost certainly sold directly by one of these companies or by a third-party company that has licensed the technology. That makes it easier to purchase a graphics card because, while there are a lot of companies selling graphics cards,
Nvidia’s popular graphics chipset series for gamers and regular use is GeForce and for the professional content creators Quadro. AMD’s popular gaming series is Radeon. For professional content creators, they make the Radeon Pro series chipsets. The graphics card manufacturers make their products with these chipsets from these companies.

Which is better, integrated or dedicated graphics Card?

An integrated GPU is built into the motherboard and cannot be upgraded or replaced. You’ll find this in laptops and inexpensive desktop PCs. Integrated graphics cards are built-in with the central processing unit (CPU) or processor of your computer. These types of graphics can be integrated with both Intel and AMD processors. Intel UHD Graphics, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, Intel HD Graphics, AMD Vega 8 Graphics, AMD Vega 11 Graphics, etc. are examples of Integrated graphics that come with Intel and AMD processors. Integrated graphics don’t have their memory and processing unit, rather they use the system CPU and RAM. These graphics typically have modest performance and don’t perform well for tasks like games or professional graphics production.

A discrete GPU is mounted on a graphics card that slips into a computer’s expansion slot on the motherboard. Dedicated Graphics Cards come with their processing unit, Memory & Thermal System. This kind of graphics card is replaceable so it can be upgraded as newer graphics cards are developed and help keep a PC from becoming obsolete. ​We are mostly discussing the dedicated graphics cards here.

What should I look for when buying a graphics card?

Before buying a graphics card you have to think about the work you are going to do with your computer. Some purposes can be served by simply Integrated processor graphics cards. If you are not going to do any heavy work like gaming and content creation it might be enough for you to have a good processor with integrated graphics.

Graphics professionals rely on high-end graphics cards as well. These days, photo, video, and graphics production applications rely on the graphics card, not the computer’s CPU, to perform advanced image processing, including computational photography, which uses artificial intelligence and computer processing to achieve results that previously could only have been done “in the lens” when photos or video were taken.

The GPUs in graphics cards are also sometimes used for their raw processing power to perform non-graphics work. Cryptocurrency miners, for example, rely on computers with high-end graphics cards to perform the sophisticated mining process for coins.

How Much Memory Do I Need in a Gaming Graphics Card?

While an integrated GPU uses part of a computer system’s RAM, a dedicated graphics card has its own memory. The ideal amount of GPU memory needed depends on what you do with your computer. The rule of thumb is that the GPU RAM should be at least half of the system memory. For regular workloads such as casual computing and light gaming, look for graphics display cards with video RAM of 1GB or 2GB. Choose a card with twice the video RAM to play premium PC games. GPUs with 4GB of RAM are suitable for VR and 3D gaming, as well as editing multimedia files such as RAW images and 4K videos.

Best Graphics Card Brand in Bangladesh 2021

There are many famous Graphics Card manufacturing brands in the Bangladesh market that offer world-class products. Among them, Asus, Biostar, Colorful, Glax, Gigabyte MSI, Sapphire, XFX, and ZOTAC are the most popular video card manufacturers. These brands contribute both Nvidia & AMD chipset-based graphics cards. These graphics cards come with additional Video RAM and a required thermal system.

Graphics Card Collection in Bangladesh

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