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Prolink keybord

PROLiNK PKCS-1008 Classic Wired Keyboard The PROLiNK PKCS-1008 Classic Wired Keyboard is simple to install. Remove the keyboard from the packaging and connect it to a USB port to begin typing! There is no need for configuration or bother. Enjoy this elegant, full-sized keyboard in elegance. Enjoy the ease of use of this vintage keyboard's USB plug-and-play function while typing in comfort on the rubber dome membrane keycaps. This keyboard is both durable and useful, and it will become a standard at your business, school, or home. This keyboard has a full-sized keyboard layout with easy-to-read keys and a number pad to facilitate data entry, computation, and navigation, giving you everything you need in one keyboard. Longer durations of typing are possible. For less strain and a more productive working session, adjust the keyboard's built-in stands to your preferred typing posture. Every keystroke is perfectly detected by high-quality membrane key switches, allowing you to type precisely without missing a key! It is spill-resistant and sturdy, with built-in protection against accidental spills to provide long-term use and peace of mind when working or playing...
Ex Tax:750৳
PROLiNK PKCM-2007 Wired Multimedia Keyboard The PROLiNK PKCM-2007 is a full-sized USB plug-and-play keyboard with a number pad and 12 useful multimedia shortcuts that is ideal for daily use. With this Multimedia Keyboard, you can extend your workspace and increase your productivity. A traditional full-sized keyboard with 12 media shortcuts that allow you to quickly access your emails, applications, music, or the Internet with a single click. With this USB plug-and-play keyboard, you can enjoy a hassle-free setup and enhance your workspace for any occasion. This spill-resistant and long-lasting keyboard will come in handy for both works and play. Simply take this keyboard from its packing, connect it to a USB port, and you're ready to go! There is no need for further installation or hassle. This PROLiNK PKCM-2007 offers 12 dedicated shortcut buttons for quick access to your favorite programs. Accessing your emails, managing your music playlist, and more are all at your fingertips. This keyboard is spill-resistant and sturdy, with built-in protection against accidental spills to provide long-term use and peace of mind when working or playing...
Ex Tax:850৳
PROLiNK PCWM-7005 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo The PROLiNK PCWM-7005 2.4G Wireless Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse Combo offers a smooth and accurate typing experience. It's essential to have for your daily usage setup because of its simplistic design. The new 14 dedicated multimedia hotkeys and the Power Key let you use the device without trouble. The PROLiNK PCWM-7005 Keyboard & Mouse Combo includes one Nano USB and two devices. You may now free up one USB port by connecting the keyboard and mouse with a single receiver. Connect right away! The PROLiNK PCWM-7005 combo Speed up the workflow with the dedicated 14 multimedia hotkeys at your fingertips. Get quick access to your playlist, volume, internet, mailbox, favorite, and many more! Yes, without the FN key. We've got your back! The switchable DPI is ideal for all-purpose use, whether for normal work, gaming, or working with two displays. Change the resolution to 800, 1200, or 1600dpi at any moment for the most precise and accurate tracking. It’s a perfect fit for all lefties and righties with the redesigned ambidextrous mouse that provides a comfortable grip for everyday use. Be it for work or other usages, the higher arc gives your palm greater support and the larger scroll wheel provides a precise scrolling experience...
1,800৳ 1,900৳
Ex Tax:1,800৳
PROLiNK PCWM-7003 Wireless Keyboard-mouse Combo The PROLiNK PCWM-7003 is a Wireless Multimedia Desktop Combo with a full-size keyboard and high-performance optical mouse. The keyboard is designed with a comfortable silent keypad allowing effortless typing without noise disturbance to the surroundings. It also comes with a wide range of multimedia shortcut keys for easy access and control of your computer. The plug-and-play design makersPROLiNK PCWM-7003 a breeze to set up, while the ergonomically designed mouse makes quick switching between the sensitivity levels with just a click on the DPI switch button...
1,900৳ 2,000৳
Ex Tax:1,900৳
PROLiNK PCCM-2003 Wired Keyboard & Mouse Combo The PROLiNK PCCM-2003 Wired Keyboard & Mouse Combo is simple to set up. Relish in a fuss-free installation experience. Simply remove this power duo from the packaging, plug them into the USB ports and they're all ready to go. With this Multimedia Desktop Combo, you may unleash your productivity and work in comfort for hours. A palm-sized optical mouse coupled with a full-sized multimedia keyboard for a pleasant typing session. Navigate effortlessly with this high-performance optical mouse, and utilize the keyboard's 12 multimedia shortcut buttons to obtain immediate access to your music, emails, and the Internet. Spill-resistant and long-lasting, this dependable pair will be a fixture for years to come...
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Ex Tax:1,150৳
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