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HAVIT Gaming Chair

Havit GC939 Gaming Chair  A gaming chair that promotes a healthy posture is a must have for any serious gamer. The Havit Gamenote GC939, Black and White is practically designed to provide comfort, so you can solely focus on the game. The key parameter is the safety shutdown mechanism. The construction of this Havit gaming chair is Revolving. The hard armrests are ready to support your forearms and elbows. A headrest is a necessity for gaming chairs, and this model will support not only your head, but also your neck. This Havit Gamenote GC939, Black and White can have its height adjusted, which is an ideal feature for long sitting. This model features Plastic material on the base of its legs.This Havit Gamenote GC939, Black and White will take your PC gaming to the next level of comfort. The cover with synthetic leather of the Havit Gamenote GC939, Black and White has a high-class look. The seat padding is made of PU foam that adjusts to your body when you sit on it. The base, made of plastic, is durable and provides good stability. The smooth handling of the chair is ensured by the plastic castors the wheels that can handle the load without becoming stuck...
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