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Revenger X8 Mesh RGB Casing Revenger X8 Mesh RGB Casing from our greatest selling Air 900 series. What stands out with the Air X ARGB is its large surface metallic Mesh front air intake mesh with two 120mm ARGB fans. Included is another 120mm ARGB fan for a complete of three fans and a maximum air intake area for incredible cooling performance and therefore the aesthetics to match.Super High AirflowAir X ARGB's two large 120mm ARGB Fans and enormous area Diamond Mesh front and back 120mm ARGB output fans create maximum airflow for your PC.Excellent Dust ResistanceFine Mesh dust screens for the front Diamond Mesh, and magnetic top and bottom vent screens provide excellent dust resistance. The front panel doesn't have any connecting wires thus is often easily removed and cleaned.ARGB Fans120mm ARGB Fans *2 + 120mm ARGB Fan*1+ Controller all pre-installed. The Air X ARGB features a complete of three ARGB fans which will be fully customized and controlled by ARGB compatible mainboards (5V 3pin). Compared to other cases which normally only packs Molex-based standard fans, the fans of Air X ARGB accompany 3-pin fan headers + ARGB connector ARGB.7 PCIe SlotsThe rear PCIe slot implements a reusable design, which has been pre-screwed to form it easier to create...
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Revenger LEO Dynamic Mid-Tower ATX Casing The Revenger LEO Dynamic ATX Case is supported with ATX and Micro ATX motherboards. The casing is made of metal, Acrylic, Plastic, Steel, and Spcc with the side and front panels made of tempered glass. It comes with pre-installed 7 ARGB Fans. The Revenger Gaming Case is both physically appealing and functional, with excellent cooling to keep your components cool and drain heat. The Revenger case Support 3x 120mm ARGB front fans, 1x 120mm rear fan, and 3x 120mm Fan Side Panel. The Revenger casing is also an excellent choice for gamers who do not require flashy elements...
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