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Kemove Keyboard

Keymove DIERYA DK61E Black Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard  This DK61E wired mechanical keyboard is hot-swappable and uses Gateron optical switches. Optical switches communicate keystrokes through an infrared signal, providing a faster response time and longer life than traditional mechanical switches. It is the best choice for a mechanical keyboard to get started. Our keyboard boards are IPX4 certified, so you don't have to worry about accidentally spraying water and damaging your keyboard. Enjoy your food and drinks freely, whether you are playing games or working The outer layer of the keycap is made of wear-resistant, oil-resistant, and fade-proof PBT material. And the inner layer is made of transparent material, the backlight shows the keycap characters through the transparent inner layer and will not fade, when you turn on the backlight, you can easily find the keys in the dark. Using high quality nylon braided cable with magnetic ring design, it provides the best signal clarity and shielding to reduce interference with operation from other signals in the game. the design of USB-A connector without metal cover is not a product defect, but a design that enables easy insertion of both front and negative sides. The keyboard has an ergonomically designed comfortable typing height and ergonomically designed stepped OEM profile keycaps that are less likely to fatigue your hands with prolonged use. It is specially designed for gamers, office workers, copywriters, programmers and typists...
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Kemove DK61 Shadow Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Kemove DK61 Shadow Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (60%% Layout, Wired/Bluetooth, RGB, Gateron, Hot-Swap) 100% Genuine, Original and Brand New. KEMOVE 61 SHADOW - 61 keys minimal layout + Exquisite appearance + powerful functions - Free up more space and give you a richer gaming experience. The function character are engraved on the side of the keycap to avoid wear. This hot-swappable Keyboard is equipped with mechanical switches that are replaceable with the most of the regular mechanical switches in the market, ranging from high-end brands like Cherry, Gateron, Kailh to TTC, even including some highly customized silent and prominent switches. Pairing with up to 3 devices and switch among them seamlessly, certified by the Bluetooth Association BQB. Stronger stability and connection speed, perfectly compatible with all Bluetooth 5.1 or below Bluetooth 5.1 devices (Not compatible with below Bluetooth 3.0 version devices). Work well with Windows, iOS, Mac operating systems and more devices. PBT DOUBLE-SHOT keycaps guarantee not only a much higher oil resistance and hardness than ABS keycaps, but also ensure the keycaps’ light transmission, making them excellent in lighting effects. The curved keycaps also provide you with an extraordinary feeling Through the powerful software of KEMOVE, you can personalize functions as you like, customize advanced features and offline macro. The software enables you to arbitrarily remap keys and assign macros or commands to specific key combinations on 4 individual layers. There are 16 million colors, you can customize the lighting effects as you want, much more than simple colors and breathing effects...
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