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Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker

Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker
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Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker
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  • Model: Microlab M-111
  • RMS/Channel: 3W, 2:1
  • Frequency: 35Hz - 20KHz
  • Separation: 45, dB
Generel information
Dimensions • Dimensions:(DxWxH) • (Woofer) 150x205x216mm • (Satellite) 80x80x160mm
Frequency 35Hz - 20KHz
Harmonic distortion 0,3, % (1Watt, 1kHz)
Interfaces Input 3.5mm stereo jack, output 2RCA sockets, Power input AC 220 - 240V, 50Hz 100mA
Model Microlab M-111
Output power 12, Watt RMS
Power distribution 3x2+6, Watt
RMS/Channel 3W, 2:1
Separation 45, dB
Signal to noise ratio 75 dB


  1. 2.1 stereo subwoofer system with wired remote control
  2. Dynamic bass and depth using airbases technology with full range acoustic production
  3. Perfect for your computer and multimedia entertainment
  4. Wired remote control with 3.5 mm stereo interfaces for your headphone and direct input from playback sources
  5. Stylish black finishes with magnetically shielded protection

Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker Overview

Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker Multimedia's best partner, the M-111 features finely tuned satellites and a subwoofer for accurate sound production. Microlab M-111 Uniquely shaped satellites for optimum highs and wooden subwoofer cabinet for deeper bass effects. Microlab M-111 Unique wired remote control for easy and convenient use. Microlab M-1112.1 subwoofer system for Multimedia and computer use. All black beauty system with perfect red trimmings. Ideal for digital multimedia music and movies. Fine-tuned to bring out the best in Digital media. Powerful subwoofer with deep bass using X-Bass technology. Cube satellites with clear tones and distortion-free playback. Wired remote control with 3.5mm stereo interfaces for your headphone and direct input from playback sources.

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The Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker is Out Of Stock now. You can buy the Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker at the best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms When the product is available.